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Vigo is a beautiful town located in the region of Galicia, the ‘green heart’ of Spain, located on the northeast coast.

Cruise passengers to Vigo will delight in finding an area that is un-crowded, where they can experience an authentic taste of Spain and local life.

Leave the ship and stroll along the waterfront, where the old town, with its narrow cobbled streets will soon reveal its charms to you.

Of particular note is the Ribera del Berbes fishing quarter, which dates from the mid-17th century. There are many sights to see in and around Vigo.

Make the most of your Mediterranean cruise holiday and explore further afield – the mythical town of Santiago de Compostela, a UNESCO heritage site, is a coach ride away.

Alternatively, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in Galician culture by visiting two special villages in the region, Pontevedra and Combarro – a small and picturesque fishing village. With guided tours for both villages, you will soon learn about the history and sights. Finally, some passengers may like to maximize their vacation time and cross the border into Portugal, to the 17th century fortified town of Valença do Minho.

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