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Santos is located in Sao Paulo in the state of Brazil and boasts the largest seaport in Latin America. 

As well as handling much of the world's coffee exports, Santos trades in many Brazilian goods such as steel, oil, cars, oranges, bananas and cotton. However, Santos is also a key tourist centre and has many interesting sights including the city’s Coffee Museum. 

For football fanatics, Santos is a not-to-be-missed destination, as the football legend, Pele, used to play at Santos FC. A football memorial dedicated to the city's greatest players (including Pelé) has been erected in the city centre. 

Santos is famous for its beach garden which is over five kilometres long and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest beach-front garden. We recommend Santos for a relaxing day off-ship; you can leave your luxury cruise liner at leisure and stroll the streets of this historic city. 

The local aquarium is ideal for families and children on holiday and for those who don’t like to leave a destination empty-handed, we recommend joining the ‘Panoramic of Santos and Shopping’ tour for a spot of retail therapy followed by a well-earned beach break!

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