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Punta Del Este

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Punta Del Este

Punta del Este - the ‘St. Tropez of South America’ - is an essential itinerary stop for our luxury cruise liners.

This eastern spit of land separating the Atlantic Ocean from the Rio del la Plata has come a long way since it origins as the small fishing village of Cabo Santa María.

Today called Punta del Este, this area is known worldwide as a scenic resort area with miles of beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and restaurants, glittering nightlife and fashionable summer residents.

For decades, Punta del Este was an exclusive resort for wealthy South Americans, and although it remains pricier than other destinations in the area, it is still more affordable than comparable European cities.

Choose to mingle with the glitterati and relax at the famous Conrad Hotel or get away from it all on a panoramic city tour.

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