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Portuguese Island

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Portuguese Island

A visit to Portuguese Island in Mozambique is possibly the best way to truly feel you have ‘got away from it all’ on your cruise vacation. 

Why? Because this island is an uninhabited nature reserve with pristine beaches, dense vegetation, pleasant lagoons and small patches of mangrove, making for a real ‘desert island’ experience! Yes, passengers on our South African cruise will truly experience one of the most amazing corners of our globe as they venture into the tropical island paradise that is Portuguese Island. 

Passengers can use transport from the ship (via inflatable zodiac boats) to Portuguese Island for a day full of fun activities, including a beach stroll and a chance to sample local cuisine. The Islands are located next to the larger neighbouring Inhaca Island, which is a Royal Kingdom. 

A short optional transfer to Inhaca allows you to visit a local village, bars, restaurants and souvenir merchants. Included in our day trip deal is a holiday barbeque on the beach at Portuguese Island, weather permitting.

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