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The city of Khasab is situated in an exclave of the country of Oman; Khasab is the local capital of the Musandam Peninsula, located on the Strait of Hormuz, at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. The area is dubbed the ’Norway of Arabia’ due to the rugged, glacier-like coastline, its towering mountains and clear, glittering fjord(known as khors).

Founded in the 17th century by the Portuguese, Khasab is built around a natural harbor, which gives shelter from the sea.

Sail along the magnificent coast of Khasab; you are likely to be joined by friendly dolphins and can experience the fjords of Arabia from the comfort of a boat strewn with oriental rugs and cushions.

Holidaymakers that wish to immerse themselves in local history whilst on vacation will enjoy the Khasab city tour; learn about the lives and traditions of fishermen and the Bedouin way of life, admire the Khasab fort and the handicrafts display in Khasab Museum. This whole region is steeped in ancient history and the nearby villages of Wadi Tawi and Qadah boast 2,000 year-old drawings of boats, animals and warriors carved into the rock face.

Cruise travellers who were unable to experience Dubai will have another opportunity to do so in Khasab, as the two destinations are just a 2.5 hour drive away.

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