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Ilhabela, located in Brazil is an ecological rain forest reserve. The name Ilhabela means ‘beautiful island’ and this wonderful holiday destination along MSC Cruises’ South American itineraries certainly lives up to its name. Much of the island lies within a state reserve and development is highly restricted.

The island’s economy relies on tourism yet Ilhabela achieves a harmonious balance of natural beauty and interesting sights to see. In this way, this island literally has two ‘sides’ - on one you’ll find fabulous restaurants and gourmet dining (the island is reputed to have the best shrimp in all Brazil) together with entertaining nightspots as lively as anywhere else in the country.

If you are taking a day off the luxury MSC cruise liner, there is plenty to do. Get out into nature and see the coastal Atlantic rainforest or one of the 400 impressive waterfalls that cascade into the ocean. With 35 kilometres of white sandy beaches, sun worshippers can easily create their perfect day. Ilhabela is a former haunt for pirates and experienced divers can see the legendary underwater wrecks left over from the island’s history, including spectacular 19th century English and Spanish ships that are now lost to the sea.

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