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Among the many lovely holiday destinations the UK has to offer, Greenock – situated at the point where the River Clyde meets the Firth of Clyde in the west central Scottish Lowlands - is  the perfect spot for a revitalising vacation surrounded by gloriously green landscape and mountains rising majestically in the background.

The best place to get an all-round look at the whole area from a bird’s eye perspective is the Craig Top vantage point at the top of Lyle Hill – also ideal for taking some wonderful holiday snaps of your Scottish experience.

Another must-see on your visit to Greenock is “The Cut”, an old aqueduct flanked by a scenic path up to the Loch Thorn reservoir, which was built in the early 19th century to supply Greenock with water.

The haunting natural beauty of the landscape is well matched by the attractions offered by the town and the friendly locals. The gorgeous Esplanade, the town’s elegantly sweeping mile-long waterfront promenade, is one such place. As you look out over the water, you might even spot some baby seals playing in the water.

Greenock is also home to the family-friendly Battery Park and a waterfront leisure centre with a swimming pool and an ice rink. Whatever you choose to do while on or off the ship during your Northern Europe holiday to the UK.

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