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During your luxury Caribbean cruise vacation with MSC Cruises lines you’ll stop off at the ancient Colombian seaport of Cartagena.

Cobbled streets, balconies overflowing with blooming bougainvillea and pastel-coloured buildings lining the elegant plazas, making Cartagena one of Latin America's most photogenic cities.

Founded in 1533, this Spanish colonial city is steeped in history. Its location made it a popular port for plunderers and pirates but today the city quickly reveals its treasures to modern visitors!

Signs of the city's pirating past can be seen on every corner. The best example is Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas – built to fend off pillagers, it is the city's largest fortress and one of the strongest forts ever created by the Spaniards during their period of colonisation. Other forts, dating from the 16th century make a worthwhile visit and we highly recommend the Cartagena City Tour, which will suit history-buffs and shopaholics alike.

For a unique day out, you can choose to spend your day away from the ship taking a holiday back in time as you board a majestic 17th-century Spanish Galleon and relive the sights and views of ancient seafarers.

Less swashbuckling activities are available to nature-lovers who will enjoy the Mangroves Ecological Tour, where the natural abundance of the region is available for all to enjoy.

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