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As one of our Mediterranean cruise destinations, MSC Cruises also sails to the Italian port of Brindisi on the beautiful Adriatic coast.

Have a break, book a cruise and get set to enjoy the good life as you set sail to the Mediterranean and the south of Italy.

Also dubbed the “Gateway to the East”, the busy seaside resort of Brindisi earned its byname first as a strategic port during Roman times and then later as a trading post for the merchants of Venice. The city sits on the shores of its own scenic bay on the Adriatic coast, forming the top end of the heel on the boot of Italy.

The region’s low and sandy coastline is perfect for beach pursuits, for instance at the nearby Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve, a haven of woodland, lakes, dunes and generous sweeps of golden sand.

Going inland from Brindisi will take you through enchanting landscapes featuring vineyards and artichoke fields, ancient villages as well as fortresses and watchtowers. The fascinating city itself boasts many attractions, including its picturesque marina, the Castello Alfonsino, the 13th-century Swabian Castle and a whole congregation of churches, including the Saint John Sepulchre Church with its richly decorated marble portal.

So give yourself a holiday heads up and put the lovely port of Brindisi in Italy on the itinerary of your next holiday.

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